Haslemere Wedding Fair

At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to push the business further and try and focus more on the wedding side. So many other photographers I know simply won't photograph weddings as though it is a grey area of photography as it must be one of the most challenging areas there is in the field as you only have that one time to get it right and often there is a lot to get done when photographing weddings.

It's actually this challenge with wedding photography which I enjoy as no two weddings are the same. Wedding photography allows me to get creative and create lasting memories for my couples by telling the story of their day.

When I spoke with William one of the workers at Haslemere Community Center Haslewey he told me that they were going to be running a Wedding Fair at the center at the end of February and would I be interested in having a table. Normally I would say no to these kind of things as have read up how many photographs say wedding fairs are a waste of time. When he told me how much it was for a table I decided it was worth a try at boosting my wedding side so I decided to jump at the challenge by taking part in my first Wedding Fair.

As I had never done a wedding fair before there was actually a large amount of things I had to buy in for the fair but ultimately these were bits that once I have got them I shouldn't have to buy them again for sometime.

The day of the Wedding Fair came round on the 28th February and surprisingly it went smoothly. There was certainly a large number of couples who expressed their interested. With lots just browsing and seeing what was on show I will have to wait to see if it was worth my while or not.

I've decided to share some of the photographs from the Wedding Fair as I was also asked by the center if I could be their 'Official Photographer' and capture the event for them to get some photographs which I of course excepted.