What Is PR Photography ?

Public Relations Photography or PR Photography is all about creating the right images for use in magazines, newspapers, websites and social media. It can be a powerful tool in helping to give your business that all important boost which every company needs.


Corporate / Commercial Head Shots

Every company has employees working for them. It is a good idea to start with getting some portrait shots of the people who work at the company. From the standard studio portrait against either white, grey or black background, or the choice to have your head shots on location around your business the choice is yours. The style of your portrait is up to you entirely. From the serious business portrait to the much more fun contemporary portrait.

Your photographs can be used to enhance your very own social media for example using them for your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page. You will receive both High Res and Web Versions of your photographs supplied to you on both CD and Emailed to you directly allowing you to use your photographs for a wide variety of different options.


High Quality Photographs

Whether your wanting us to help promote your business through the use of a new website, an advert in a magazine or newspaper or through the use of social media, we aim to help your business by delivering you high quality photographs to help promote your business. As the saying goes a photograph can help tell a thousand words. 

If required a selection of your photographs can be delivered to you right away for use press releases often in the same day.  You will receive both High and Web versions of your photographs allowing you to use your images right away.


Using the power of video we can help your business grow. By either creating Slideshows to Videos of your company at work, this powerful tool is great for making your business stand out from your competitors via both social media and the internet. We guide you every step of the way to ensure that we create the right video for you and your company.